Agriculture protection designation fails farmers


In a county burgeoning with growth, a Utah County farm pursued a curious path to remove its agriculture protection area status. It was approved by the commissioners last week. Why would a Utah farm seek removal of guaranteed protections? Harassment, for one. The 10-acre Dixon Mink Ranch has...


Dairy West: A partnership among western dairy farmers

Karianne Fallow

Dairy farming is tough business. The work is arduous, the hours are long (sometimes unending) and the market pressures are intense. Even in the face of these challenges, dairy farmers are generally optimistic and hopeful about the future. And they care deeply about their families, their animals and...


Western Weber Co. residents tout rural appeal, planners aim for balanced growth

BZ 052318 West Weber Growth 05-4

Some worry about looming development in the area, and Ron Stewart, for one, cites the ‘country smell, open spaces, sunsets’ of the zone.

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